Music at Sight


Do you struggle with sight-reading?

Did you know that you can learn how to do it?

I was a terrible sight reader as a student, until I picked up some juicy bits of advice as well as some music theory nous at university. I went from being hopeless at sight reading to earning money as an accompanist and working in theatre! And now I've packaged up all that advice, knowledge and experience into a unique sight reading curriculum and practice library.

If you want to be able to:

  • open a book of music and just play
  • accompany your students
  • play in ensembles with other musicians
  • become a more confident teacher

- then this course will get you started. You will learn:

  • the number 1 rule of sight reading
  • 2 tools you can use to improve your sight reading right away
  • 3 steps to make you a faster sight reader

This course is based on a three day workshop which has been further broken up into twelve parts. These parts should be followed in order and can be spread out across multiple days depending on your progress and available time.

Different tools for improving your sight reading are presented in an introductory lesson video which is then followed by exercises and “practise with me” videos. Start by watching the introductory lesson and then follow this with the practice exercises.

The “practise with me” videos are optional and offer ways to apply the concepts from the lesson video to the daily practice. At the end of the course, you will find three short sight reading pieces taken from the literature.

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