Memorisation Online Workshop

26 Sep 2020 @ 16:00 UTC

Find out how to use deep learning and memorisation tools for greater confidence in your performance!

Playing a piece over and over eventually makes the muscular movements automatic, but this “muscle memory” can be extremely unreliable when under pressure in a performing situation. In this online workshop, Graham Fitch explores the different memory systems and introduces various tools that will help you go beyond simply relying on muscle memory when preparing for a performance. 

The material will be useful for piano teachers and pianists of an intermediate level and above. There will also be opportunities for questions and answers throughout the session.

The session will be recorded and all participants will receive a link to download the video. Therefore, if you are unable to attend the session on the day, you will still be able to watch the video at your convenience.

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Whether you choose to perform with the score or not, this workshop will equip you with tools to ensure that you know a work on a much deeper level!

Memorisation Online Workshop

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