Practice Tools (Part 3)

26 Sep 2020 @ 14:00 UTC

Based on from Graham Fitch’s eBook series and video lecture series on practising, the Practice Tools online workshops provide a more in-depth look at specific practice tools with detailed demonstrations of how to apply them in your daily practising. 

Part 3 follows-on from the initial workshops and introduces further practice tools, tips and ideas to help you solve problems during your practising. Topics covered include:

  • How to practise passagework for fluency and control at speed
  • Solve rhythmical problems, managing polyrhythms and coordinating fioritura 
  • How to use the metronome effectively - and when to avoid it
  • Highly effective techniques for creating a beautiful sound
  • How to maintain old pieces

This workshop is aimed at pianists and teachers at an intermediate level or above. Opportunities for questions and answers will be available. The sessions will also be recorded, and all participants will receive a link to download the video and presentation resources.

If you’re looking to take your practising to the next level then be sure to sign-up for what promises to be an informative and enjoyable event!

Practice Tools (Part 3)

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