Online Performance Workshop (Audience Ticket)

17 Oct 2020 @ 15:00 UTC

Would you like feedback on a piece you’re working on? Or would you like input on a specific problem you’re having?

This online performance workshop gives six participants the opportunity to perform a piece of their choice for Graham Fitch and an audience of observers. Although based on the traditional masterclass format, it is tailored to provide each performer with the feedback and input that best matches their needs, regardless of their level of playing. You are welcome to bring new pieces if you need help, pieces do not necessarily have to be performance-ready. The emphasis of this session is as much on finding solutions to problems as it is to refining and polishing a performance.

Each participant will have a twenty-minute slot to perform their piece and to obtain feedback from Graham. Performances can be delivered live or as screenshares of a recording made prior to the event. Graham will use the remaining time to work with each performer individually after viewing their performance. Depending on the performers requirements, Graham’s input may be general in nature or could focus on specific problems or questions that the participant has. 

Graham’s workshops usually sell out fast and there are only six performing places available for this event. Therefore please be sure to act quickly if you’d like an opportunity to work with Graham! Alternatively, if you are not ready to perform this time around, but would like to view the session then you are most welcome to sign-up as an observer.

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Audience Ticket (17 Oct 2020 @ 15:00 UTC)

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