Principles of Piano Fingering (2021)

13 Jun 2021 @ 16:00 BST (GMT +01:00)

Practice makes permanent, and it is often difficult to correct later on those careless errors that have crept in and become embedded in the initial stages of learning a new piece. Working out a suitable fingering for your hand takes some experimentation, and what you come up with may differ from the fingering found in the printed score.

In this online workshop, Graham Fitch explores the topic of piano fingering and how to find a fingering that works for you. The following topics will be covered:

  • Basic principles of identifying and choosing fingering
  • Pitfalls to avoid e.g. unnecessary stretching between the fingers
  • How to factor in the eventual tempo, touch and articulation, etc. when selecting a fingering
  • How to embed a fingering, once selected, so that it becomes automated
  • Tips for hand redistribution and solving problems for players with small hands

Remember, the only correct fingering is the one that works for your hand! 

How it works

The workshop will be delivered as a presentation with various examples from the repertoire and suggestions that you can try during the session on your own piano if you wish.

The session will be recorded and all participants will receive a link to download the video, worksheets and the accompanying presentation. Therefore, if you are unable to attend the session on the day, you will still be able to watch the video, view the presentation and work through the exercises at your convenience.

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