Demystifying Sight Reading

25 Jan 2024 @ 18:30 GMT

There is so much great music you want to play, but do you struggle to learn music quickly? Do you wish you could just open a music book and play? Or do you want to be able to play in ensembles with other musicians?

Don’t miss pianist, composer and teacher Lona Kozik’s online presentation on how to become an excellent sight reader on 25th January 2024. Lona will show you five key skills that can be applied from beginner to advanced levels to improve your sight reading and ability to learn pieces faster.

What you will learn

  • The 1st rule of sight reading – A simple thing to you can train yourself to do in only a few minutes a day to become a much better sight reader.
  • Techniques to instantly improve your sight reading - Both of these approaches are game changers that you can start using right away!
  • Why you should stop naming notes …and what you should do instead.
  • The big secret to becoming a good sight reader – The surprising skill behind fluency in reading and being able to learn music rapidly!

Who it's for

This workshop is for you if you:

  • are a piano player who wants to read music quickly but suffer from poor reading skills
  • struggle to read two hands at once
  • teach and want to feel confident teaching more advanced students
  • want to learn how to read more advanced music
  • want to improve your quick study skills

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About Your Presenter – Lona Kozik

As a student pianist, I was a terrible sight reader! It took a long time for me to learn new music, and I longed to open my music and just play with ease. I thought sight reading was something you could either do or you couldn't. And I couldn't. But all of that changed when I went to university and took music theory classes. I had to take those classes as part of my degree programme, but they had an unexpected outcome. My sight reading improved by leaps and bounds in the space of one semester, and it kept improving. Eventually, I was able to work as a professional accompanist during my graduate school years.

This online presentation is a complement to my Music at Sight course which is available on the Online Academy. The course is packed with the most useful sight reading tips and music theory lessons I picked up over the course of my music education. It is streamlined and concentrated to give you the quickest method to sight reading greatness!

Read what past participants in my workshops have to say...

"If you want to develop your sight reading do this workshop. Lona is inspiring and positive and she has a way of making theory and practice so utterly clear and accessible. Each bite-sized step is so fun! I couldn’t believe what was possible..."

- Mae Karthäuser

"I would say this workshop is a must. There are no books or courses that I have come across that actually teach you how to sight read. I have piano lessons but we don't manage to do theory and sight reading so it gets missed. And it's impossible to squeeze all of that into an hour a week or every other week. This is very focused and specific."

- Dawn Taylor-Moate

"I learnt so much that I can both apply to my own sight reading and pass onto my students. Time really well spent. Lona gives very clear explanations."

- Jeremy Wilkinson

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