Anyone Can Improvise!

Dedicated to helping everyone play the music they love and long to play, Lucinda Mackworth-Young introduces her step-by-step system for learning to play by ear and improvise, so that even classically trained piano players can play spontaneously, anywhere, anytime - and say “Yes!” when asked to play Happy Birthday!... Read >>

Lucinda Mackworth-Young Performing Improvisation

Create First! - Part 1

Learning Music the Pattern Play Way

An introductory Pattern Play series that introduces the materials of music (scales, intervals, and chords) in creative and musical ways.... Read >>

Forrest Kinney Performing Improvisation

How to Improvise

A step-by-step guide to improvisation for classical pianists

Do you know your chords and scales but struggle to think of anything to play when faced with a piano with no sheet music? In these videos, Dave Hall provides a step-by-step guide to improvisation for classical pianists with activities for ear training, fundamental theory and most importantly, ideas to... Read >>

Simple Improvisation with Christopher Norton's Connections

A series of step-by-step guides to using pieces from Christopher Norton's Connections to learn chord shapes and do simple improvisation.... Read >>

Christopher Norton Performing Improvisation

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